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Last deployed: 2023-07-09 08:50

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Cloud Collections: A Link Library

Everybody loves a linked-list. Or rather a list of links. (Or even a good software pun.) Here is a list of links gathered from various unclosed browser tabs, from security to cloud to development skills and more.

Published at: 2023-07-09

Estimating is Waste

I previously thought that even though agile-based priorities hold more value than estimating, there was still value in estimating. Now I'm not so sure.

Published at: 2023-06-12

On Resilience

Bad things happen to us. That is life. But some people can handle it better than others. I was put through a challenging event recently, which made me think about why this is.

Published at: 2023-05-21

AWS SES: Getting Started with Serverless Email Processing

Email is sometimes a good way to talk to a service; is used around the world and people are naturally familiar with it, so knowing how to process emails on AWS can be very useful. Let's see how to set it up!

Published at: 2023-04-24

ChatBDD: AI-Assisted Behaviour-Driven Development

AI such as ChatGPT can act as a highly productive assistant and may even help the way that you think. But can it help turn a customer idea into a piece of working software?

Published at: 2023-04-10

ChatTDD: Pair Programming with AI

So ChatGPT can help in capturing product requirements, which is part of the way to generating a working product. But what about the next step? Can an AI help turn your ideas into code?

Published at: 2023-04-10